Code to Work Along With While Watching Jason Dolinger’s M-V-VM Video

I meant to post this to my blog sometime ago … but I forgot. I was recently reminded about it when a fellow software engineer I work with was looking for good information on M-V-VM.

I pointed him to my answer to a StackOverflow question on the matter and then pointed him to Jason’s video … sending him at the same time the code that I captured while working through this great video/screen cast. But, hey, why not share this with the wider community?!

What’s great about this sample code is that I’ve captured ‘snapshots’ along every step of the way.

Enjoy, and I would appreciate you leaving a comment if you find it useful. It’s always fun to know that you’ve helped someone.

p.s. I didn’t start out at ground zero for this code, Robert’s code helped me get started. So, thanks Robert!