Snoop Tips & Tricks #3: The Crosshairs

Ok, I know it has been forever since the last Snoop trick! My apologies! I have a whole list of things that I want to show off … but, man, where do people find the time to do these types of things?! Thinking smile

Often, I have had to choose between working on Snoop … versus documenting what it can do. I have often chosen the former because I think that Snoop is fairly obvious to use … but then I am reminded that I am an expert user of it and that many of its features are really quite hidden. For example, how can you easily select the visuals you want to Snoop on? Why, with the Ctrl-Shift Mouse Over trick, of course. Our first two tricks (Trick 1, Trick 2) covered that particular piece of hidden functionality.

Since those tricks, we have had a couple releases of Snoop (2.7.0 and 2.7.1). We have even converted the CodePlex Snoop repository to Git and also have a sibling repository at GitHub.

So, in this trick, I want to show off a new piece of functionality that we introduced in version 2.7.0 … what I like to call the crosshairs functionality.

This functionality is all about avoiding the combo box of Snoopable applications. It took forever to iterate over all the applications on the system … seeing if each one was a WPF app or not … and filling up the combo box as we go. Why couldn’t we just select that app that we want to Snoop with the cursor? And that is exactly what we did.

Snoop Tips & Tricks #3: The Crosshairs


Now, it is super fast to Snoop an app! You simply launch the Snoop app chooser, drag the crosshairs on top of the app you want to Snoop … and wham bam … you are Snooping.

Thank you Anvaka for implementing this feature!

Happy Snooping!

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