Snoop: Yes, You Can Snoop XBAPs

Today I got a question about whether Snoop supports XBAPs. Actually, this is something I’ve been meaning to look into for a while.

So, I took the two necessary seconds to create a test XBAP project and tried Snooping. It didn’t work. When launching Snoop after running the XBAP, you see PresentationHost.exe in the App Chooser (PresentationHost.exe is the process that the browser launches in the case of an XBAP).


However, trying to Snoop it (clicking the binoculars) … results in … nothing, not even an error.

Now, the person asking … pointed out a Josh Smith’s blog post on the matter … where he discusses three tips for working with XBAPs … one of which is that Snoop doesn’t work, but that Mole does. In order to get Mole to work, however, you must (at least temporarily) make your XBAP a full trust application.

Hmm. That got me thinking. Yes, I know that is dangerous.

A lot of my efforts with Snoop to date … have revolved around getting edge case scenarios to work … and I have modified the start up process significantly. So, I thought, I should quickly check to see if Snoop now works … as long as I change the XBAP to a full trust application.

And … woohoo … it works! Thumbs up

So, all you need to do is go to the Project Properties window, navigate to the Security tab, and check ‘This is a full trust application’.


Hope that helps, and yeah, Snoop rules!


I did also verify (while writing up this post) that neither Snoop 1.0 (Pete Blois’ original version) nor Snoop 2.0 (Pete Blois’ newer stylized version) worked with XBAPs.

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