Snoop: There can be only one!

Haven’t I already said that the community has just been awesome in regards to Snoop?

Well, here is another piece of evidence!

The other day, a developer, Bruno Martinez, from Uruguay contacted me and wanted to contribute to Snoop by making it so that there was only 1 version, instead of the 4 currently required at that point.

If you recall …

  1. You needed a version for WPF 3.5 and 32-bit.
  2. You needed a version for WPF 3.5 and 64-bit.
  3. You needed a version for WPF 4.0 and 32-bit.
  4. You needed a version for WPF 4.0 and 64-bit.

Yuck! Of course, it was better than not being able to Snoop in those situations. 🙂

Well, after integrating Bruno’s changes … you just need:

  1. Snoop


Yeah, that’s right. There are no labels! Thank you, Bruno!

I’m obviously tickled by this … since it was a usability nightmare trying to figure out what version you needed to run … but there are host of other fixes/improvements as well. In particular, the Snoop start-up process is much more robust than it used to be and it can handle some fringe cases that it wasn’t able to before.

Please go to for more info, and of course, the download/release area for version 2.6.0.

Happy Snooping!

10 thoughts on “Snoop: There can be only one!”

  1. Great! I love Snoop…especially the icon, proof that Peter Blois has a great sense of humor. The real question Cory is – how did Bruno achieve this marvel? Should I just look through the source code?

  2. Hi Joseph,

    Previously, Snoop consisted of Snoop.exe and a C++ .NET .dll to inject Snoop into other processes. The problem was that the dll was 32/64 and 3.5/4.0 specific. Both the Snoop process and the injected process needed to match the dll.

    Now, Snoop no longer loads the dll. It calls an external program, which can have a different bitness and CLR version. So, we have 4 dlls, 4 aux exes and Snoop.exe which is compiled as an Any CPU to enumerate both the 32 and 64 bit processes.

  3. I installed 2.6.0 on a system that only has the WPF 3.5 runtime libraries. When I run Snoop, it says that WPF 4.0 has to be installed.
    Not quite one version for all yet, but getting closer.

  4. Yeah, @Jim V, I ran into that the other day too and didn’t think about too much about it … I just installed WPF 4.0. 🙂 However, that won’t be a solution for everyone.

    In fact, if this a problem for someone, I would suggest to go back and install the 2.5.1 versions you need.

    Also, Bruno and I will take a look and see if we can fix it so that WPF 4.0 isn’t required.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

  5. @Jim V, I figured out what is wrong and fixed it.

    If go download the latest Snoop.msi, uninstall the old one, and install the new one … it should work.

    Would be cool if you added a discussion item as well to the Snoop discussions area on CodePlex. If you do, I will explain that I’ve fixed things there too.

  6. Thanks, @Kirill!

    Yeah, Snoop for Silverlight would be awesome. One fellow was exploring it for me, but it was proving challenging.

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