Snoop: Now Supports WPF 4.0

This is just a quick post to point people to the fact that I have updated Snoop on CodePlex ( such that it now supports WPF 4.0.

If you try to Snoop a WPF 4.0 application with the WPF 3.5 version, you will get the following error message:


I speculate that this is because there is a brand new CLR with .NET 4.0 (WPF 4.0) applications. Yes, that’s right, a brand new CLR. We haven’t had one of those for a while.

If someone can confirm this or provide a better understanding of why I can’t Snoop WPF 4.0 applications without retargeting Snoop to .NET 4.0 … please shed some light for me.

So, there are now 4, count them, 4 versions of Snoop:

  1. Snoop 32-bit for WPF 3.5
  2. Snoop 64-bit for WPF 3.5
  3. Snoop 32-bit for WPF 4.0
  4. Snoop 64-bit for WPF 4.0
    You need to use the right version of Snoop in each particular situation … otherwise … thar will be problems, matey!

I have also added another label to the app chooser so that you know which version you currently have up. Take a look … this is what it looks like for the 64-bit/WPF 4.0 version:


Let me know if you have any problems by creating a discussion (or participating in a current one) on the site.

Enjoy and happy Snooping! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Snoop: Now Supports WPF 4.0”

  1. I think it is a great tool! One thing, though, I downloaded Snoop 2.7.0 which is marked as the latest. It doesn’t make any claims that it is snooping a 64-bit application (or a 32-bit application) as your images show. I am wondering whether this is part of the release or it is not yet released.

  2. Hello,

    I’ve tried using Snoop, but it never seems to find the window of the application i’m running. I mean … I run my WPF application and refresh Snoop, but it does not recognize my application.

    Has any one else run across this problem?

  3. @eran, the most common problem … is that the application you are running … is elevated (running under administrator privileges) … while Snoop is not. Try running Snoop as an Administrator … and see if that works.

    Also, the best place to discuss issues with Snoop is at CodePlex:

    Hope that helps you.

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