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Snoop is now on CodePlex at

The community reception to my efforts (blog posts: 1, 2, 3) on Snoop have been wonderful. Some like Anvaka have offered additional feature suggestions; others have just encouraged me.

In my last post, a fellow commented asking why it wasn’t up on CodePlex. Well, this was a great suggestion and one that I had actually already considered. That prompted me to email Pete Blois (the original author) for his permission. He graciously gave it and so I then proceeded to put it up there.

It took me a little while, but I now have the initial bits uploaded … that is, the same stuff that is available here at my blog.

Now, there are a bunch of things on the todo list. Most notably, I’ve already modified Snoop so that it works for WPF 4.0 … and definitely want to share that with the world.

So, please be patient, I’ll get to it. Those silly day jobs! 😀

Some Info

If you are going to download the source code and build it, some comments are in order (I’ll put this out at the CodePlex site too).

There are (go to Build->Configuration Manager) 3 solution platforms (x86, x64, Any CPU) and 2 solution configurations (Debug, Release). The x86 platform is for 32-bit, the x64 platform is obviously for 64-bit, but … what is Any CPU?

Well, Any CPU is only around for Blendability. That is, for some odd reason, I couldn’t bring up the Blend designer Snoop’s window unless it was in this configuration. I have intentionally marked the ManagedInjector project to not be built under the Any CPU configuration. Since Any CPU will run as 32-bit on 32-bit operating systems and as 64-bit on 64-bit operating systems, using Any CPU will likely cause a mismatch (and a headache :)) with the ManagedInjector dll.  The project which builds the ManagedInjector.dll is a C++ project and there isn’t an Any CPU setting for those (they can only be specifically built to Win32 or x64).

Or, in other words, make sure you switch into another platform, before you build or the build will fail.

Here’s a chart for quick reference:

Platform Configuration Notes
x86 Debug For 32-bit.
x86 Release For 32-bit, builds the installer.
x64 Debug For 64-bit.
x64 Release For 64-bit, builds the installer.
Any CPU Debug, Release Only for Blendability. Do not use.


Call to Action

If you have a feature request or want to be involved somehow (maybe as a contributor), please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For near future though, I’m going to keep the project closed until I can change the copyright info to Ms-PL and clean up the code a bit.


Finally, I want to publicly thank Pete Blois for first creating this awesome tool and for giving us the permission to get it going on CodePlex. A big thanks Pete!

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  1. Yes, of course. You’re the quick one … I haven’t even had a chance to comment on previous blog post. 🙂

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