WPF Control Development Unleashed


I just received my copy of the masterpiece WPF Control Development Unleashed in the mail. Woohoo!

Written by the veritable master Pavan Podila with a little help from Kevin Hoffman, it is sure to be an instant classic.

Why is that?

Well, WPF is known for its learning curve. In particular, the amount of concepts that you have to digest in order to create custom elements and controls … is rather daunting.

This book will ease your journey. Even more, this book will give you the insight and the tricks to deliver compelling user experiences.





You know me, the presentation layer is my passion, and in particular, building controls is what I love to do. This book was meant for me. In fact, I was honored to help review a few of the chapters and now that I have it in front of me … I’m going to devour the rest of it. Who knows, maybe I will start up a series of blog posts as I go along.

Muhawhahaha! World domination! With this in my hands, the world is mine! All mine!

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