Design Fundamentals for Developers

Robby Ingebretsen’s MIX09 workshop, Design Fundamentals for Developers, is now online! If you can’t tell from my earlier post about Kaxaml, I’m a big fan of Robby’s, and this session is 3 hours of pure goodness.

Design Fundamentals for Developers
Click on the image to watch the session streamed at the MIX09 site.

From the MIX09 summary:

From colors to wireframes, this workshop introduces you to the fundamental principles and techniques of application design. The workshop is tuned especially for people who have some background in coding. If you are a developer who is working more frequently with designers, evolving to become a designer yourself, or simply a manager who needs to make sure that both roles work smoothly together, this session is an invaluable opportunity to jump-start the process.

In a world where development and design are converging in UX technologies like WPF and Silverlight, this is a free workshop that you will want to watch! Especially if you are developer with designer tendencies … like me.

Jamie Rodriguez from Microsoft has kindly provided three download links to each of the three parts:

  1. Part I: Process
  2. Part II: Composition
  3. Part III: Visuals

A big thanks to Robby for putting such a high quality workshop together … and thanks to the Microsoft guys like Jamie who posted it online. Woot!

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