Snoop 2.8.0 Download

Unless you are dead or living under a rock, you’ve heard that CodePlex is basically giving up the ghost. I am not sure, but it may be the case that the Snoop 2.8.0 download may not be easily accessible anymore. Given that I’m going to host the Snoop binaries here instead (since GitHub doesn’t allow you to do that) and link from GitHub to here.

Download Snoop here.


2 thoughts on “Snoop 2.8.0 Download”

  1. You are correct, I just learned about this a few days ago. I thought, at one point, they didn’t allow for this, but maybe I am mistaken. Regardless, it looks like you can do it now! I will probably still make the binaries available here … as well as creating a release at GitHub at some point.

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